CST Cheque Presentation

LoganLeave a Comment

At the 2015 CNIB conference we were presented a $10 000.00 cheque from the Canadian Scholarship Trust. We were quite surprised when the CST  told us that they were going to come to our presentation at the CNIB and present us with the giant cheque. Although we already received the money on a previous date, it was very nice of the them to take their time to come and see us at the CNIB conference and present it to us. We will … Read More

OWL Magazine

James Andrade

We recently discovered that we were in a page of OWL magazine in the November issue.  Our team is really excited about it.  The paragraph in the magazine talks about the Classy Cyborgs and what we have accomplished to date.  There is a picture of our team and two pictures of our app.  I was really happy because I read OWL magazine and my older brother read it when he was younger. Samson Rybakov, a grade 5 students at our … Read More

Meeting Challenges

Disha Prashar

Since the new school year has started in our area, five people on our team have moved on to different schools. Four of them went to one high school. But, I went to a different school far from home, and the five younger ones are still in the same public school as we all wee last year. As you can probably imagine, it has been harder for us to meet up with each other on a weekly basis as everyone’s schedules … Read More

The Classy Cyborgs – A Coach’s Journey

Lisa Andrade

My name is Lisa Andrade. I’m a coach of the Classy Cyborgs – a young team of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference within the blind community.  I am also a parent – my son is a Classy Cyborg.  It has been one year since the team first met in September 2014 to begin their FIRST LEGO League (FLL) “World Class Challenge”.  What a year it has been!  This is a story of the Classy Cyborgs’ incredible journey from … Read More

Trip to St. Louis, Missouri

Isabel Neufeld

Fourteen grueling but fun hours in three separate cars did it take us to reach our destination, St. Louis, Missouri. We were making this trip so we could take part in the FIRST Lego League‘s Global Innovation Award competition within the general international competition. Rising a few hours before the crack of dawn and being out of Canada by the time our regular classes would have begun wasn’t necessarily the fun part, but seeing as we only made it there … Read More

Classy Cyborgs in St. Louis

Sean Lloyd

The Classy Cyborgs went to Saint Louis from April 22 to April 25 to compete in the FLL Global Innovation Award competition. We were one of twenty semi-finalists out of more than 500 teams from around the world and were the only ones representing Canada. During the four days we went to check out other ideas of the other teams. We went to our judging session with five judges. At the end of the week the three finalists were announced … Read More