Classy Cyborgs help Launch of City of Barrie Lego Robotics Program

Sebastian Villate

Some of the Classy Cyborgs with His Worship Jeff Lehman, Mayor of Barrie, Ontario

Some of the Classy Cyborgs with His Worship Jeff Lehman, Mayor of Barrie at the Barrie Lego Robotics Program Launch

On October first, our team had the wonderful opportunity to attend the launch of the “City of Barrie Lego robotics program” event at the Barrie public library. We had an amazing time and got to meet some wonderful people, like the CyberGnomes from Clearmeadow, a First Robotics team of teenagers that were there to show off their super cool robots, and explain what First is all about.

We also got to present our product and presentation to the crowd, which was both fun and a great way to spread the word about who we are and what we are doing. After our presentation we got to set up our booth and network with people from the community, and it was so nice to hear all the words of encouragement our team received.  

Our team had a chance to talk to the mayor of Barrie, and he was super interested in what we were doing. As a team we would like to give a great big thank you to the Barrie Public Library  and the City of Barrie  for inviting us out to bring awareness to our product, and to talk to the community about what  First Robotics is all about. You guys rock Barrie!!!

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