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Isabel Neufeld

Isabel Neufeld

The mustache, top hat, and camera-eye monocle have become the mainstay of the Classy Cyborgs. But why these items?

Well, clearly, when you think of “Classy,” a man in a trim suit with the tallest of hats, bushiest of mouth crowns, and shiniest of singular eyepieces sipping hot Darjeeling from a china cup is the first thing that comes to mind… right? Well, regardless, that’s all with which I could come up while thinking of what to do for our team logo. And so, with a Sunday afternoon and a few iPad applications, the colourful logo of our equally colourful team.

Not the logo displayed on the homepage of this site, though. That version is very much monotone. Not reflective of our peppiness in the least.

Speaking of hues, the ones spread throughout our designs are far from without meaning. I mean, maybe not that far from without meaning. Chosen on a whim is a meaning, right? The deep purplish blue is basically just there to make the colours over it pop — namely, magenta, gold, and sea glass, also reflected in the camera lens within the monocle. Finally, the stark white and jet black of the main elements — the top hat and mustache displaying the name of our esteemed group — set up upon this dimly illuminated backdrop are those that have been carried all the way through our career, whether alone or with their companions in colour.

All being said and done, what are your thoughts on our current calling-card? Perhaps it needs a little updating, or perhaps we should keep it as it is? Let us know!

Full Colour Logo

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