CNIB Braille Conference

Disha Prashar

Disha Prashar

Last year, we attended the CNIB Braille Conference on October 30th. We were the keynote speakers there and a few of the youngest ones as well. We shared our innovation with everyone and we all thought that we knew how the entire presentation would roll out, although there were a lot of surprises for us! Our coach, Lisa Andrade planned a lot of surprises for us that we did not expect at all!

First of all, the current principal at our elementary school attended the conference to support us! As well, our previous principal from our elementary school was there to support us as well! I was shocked to see him as he had to go to his work at his new school, but he missed the morning to come and see us! Although, the most surprising one was that the superintendent of our school board was here to see us! In my opinion, THAT. WAS. GREAT! It was amazing to see how all of these wonderful people missed their work in the morning to come and support ten kids in the school board rather than helping the thousands of other students in the region! I was so happy to see all of them there as I had no thoughts about seeing them all here at all.

Secondly, after we presented our product to everyone, some videos played on the screen that were made just for us! The first video was a video from Joe Martini congratulating us on the amazing work that we have done over the past year! Along with this video, there was another video that we had received from the entire team of VentureLab. They as well congratulated us on the amazing work we had done and how far we had reached with our product. The second video that we received was from the headquarters of the Global Innovation Award, from Sara Stray, and they made a video especially for us. It is known that they do not make any videos for any team, but the fact that we received such an amazing video from them is truly very touching! We were all amazed that they took the time to make this conference so special for us!

Finally, what amazed me most is that Sean and I were interviewed by a student at York University who wants to make a documentary about us! I was really nervous in the interview, but very amazed and grateful for the opportunity. I felt like a really important person in Toronto which was a very different and uncommon feeling for a 14-year-old.

Overall, this conference was an amazing experience for all of us to be able to reach out and speak to the blind community and so many other people in the field as well. We are all so grateful for the speaking opportunities that we have been given by amazing companies and events throughout our journey.

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