Coming up with Our Idea

Sebastian Villate


At first, our team had the idea to make a glove to teach blind children to play the piano. The gloves fingers would vibrate to tell the user which keys to press. Then through some research, we discovered this was already in development by Georgia tech, so we had to find something else.

We knew we wanted to help the blind community, so after one of our teammates learned that only 10% of the blind population know how to read Braille, we decided to adapt our idea. We wanted our idea to be something fun; something unique that kids would actually enjoy playing. We thought of a fun game, where kids could learn Braille numbers, letters, symbols and could even learn full words and abbreviations.

We started off with a glove taped to some solenoids which slowly evolved into a interactive game with a rewards system. We have kept working on our prototype since day-one, and that’s how we made it to where we are now.

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