Cool Apps to Help the Disabled



As you know, the Classy Cyborgs are creating a product to help the blind learn braille. We think everyone has the right to learn how to read. There are other apps, however, that also help the disabled. Today I will look at some of these apps which are available in the Google Play Store.

Firstly, there is the BrailleBack. This is an app developed by Google which enables you to connect a refreshable brailler via blue tooth to your device. The app adds, under accessibility options, an option to connect a brailler to your device. The file size is 1.49MB, the average rating is 4.3 stars (on five) and it has ten thousand+ downloads. It is also free to download.

Secondly, there is the Deaf Assistant. This app is designed to help the deaf interact with people who are not deaf. The app converts speech into text but also enables the deaf person to input text using a keyboard. It can also read out the written text. Another feature that the app includes is to notify the deaf person of a call by flashing the screen and vibrating. The file size is 1.18MB, the average rating is 3.6 stars (on five) and it has five thousand+ downloads. It is also free to download.

Finally, there is Autimo. This app helps autistic children better recognise facial expressions through games because children with autism generally have problems doing so. In addition, it provides feedback to the parents to see their child’s progress. The file size is 48.33MB, the average rating is 3.7 stars (on five) and it has five thousand+ downloads. It is also free to download but has optional in-app purchases.

(Disclaimer. The information shown here may have changed by the time that you check Google Play Store.) So, check out some of the apps I mentioned that help those less fortunate than us. Don’t forget to check out the Treasure Box Braille app, created and designed by the Classy Cyborgs, when it becomes available!

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