Meeting Challenges

Disha Prashar

Disha Prashar

Since the new school year has started in our area, five people on our team have moved on to different schools. Four of them went to one high school. But, I went to a different school far from home, and the five younger ones are still in the same public school as we all wee last year.

As you can probably imagine, it has been harder for us to meet up with each other on a weekly basis as everyone’s schedules are busier with the new year rolling in and summer being over. This is specially for me because my commute is so long that by the time I reach the meetings, they are pretty much over. Although this is the case, we have been innovative and technology came to the rescue!

Our weekly meetings now consist of everyone at the meeting except me, and I video chat with them! This way, I am able to receive all of the updates and see everyone weekly so that I can still keep track with what is going on with our project. I will admit, it is hard, but it works out for everyone and we are able to get work done effectively! This project is so important to us, and we do not want to let it go. So this way, we are able to do our best to keep the momentum going and make sure that this project will never stop! It has been hard, but we will never give up! That’s for sure.

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