We would like to sincerely thank all our Mentors and Sponsors for their support in providing us with the skills, experience, contacts, education and funding we require to develop our product and bring it to market! Particularly, we would like to thank:


VentureLABVentureLAB is the Classy Cyborg’s go-to-market partner. Their awesome team is mentoring us in how to start a new business and connecting us to the right people to accelerate our product development. We are extremely grateful for their support.


Lassonde School of EngineeringLassonde’s staff and students are supporting our team by providing resources to develop our product prototypes. Their mechanical and software engineering students are mentoring us at each stage of the product development process. In addition to York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering, the Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Law School are also providing mentorship for our team.


PerkinsFrom the early stages of our project, Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA, has been instrumental in advising our team as we learn about the importance of teaching Braille to students who are visually impaired and about the tools used in early childhood education.  We are grateful to the amazing staff at Perkins Solutions who continue to provide valuable feedback as we develop our learning software and Braille simulator.



Startup York RegionOur team is part of the Startup York Region community – a chapter of Startup Canada.  This community is providing us with a platform to meet new contacts and raise awareness about our group.”




TactalisTactalis, a Canadian company that develops tactile tablet computer systems for the blind or visually impaired, was one of our first corporate mentors. After learning about Tactalis at the CNIB National Braille conference, our team connected with Founder and CEO Douglas Hagedorn who guided our team in the early development of our Braille simulator.


CST ConsultantsCST Consultants Inc has provided our team with critical funding to accelerate our product development.  Through the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project competition, the team received $10,000 as winner of their Mission Globalization Award.  With the support of CST Consultants Inc, we are now able to make significant strides in bringing our product to market.