Meeting with Jeff Preston

Disha Prashar

Recently we had a meeting with Jeff Preston, a programmer who has developed many well-known applications in our world today. He programmed the Shazam application for Microsoft/Windows, and has programmed a number of games that are available in the App Store. Jeff Preston was so kind as to lend his time to us and come and visit us at our school. He gave us a presentation where he spoke about a bunch of different topics to help us build our company. He … Read More

Dragon Lady Claudia Harvey

James Andrade

Not long ago our team met with Ms. Claudia Harvey.  Claudia is an amazing woman who made an awesome product called Dig It.  This innovative product protects your nails when you garden.  Her patented technology is mainly used by women.  Her product is a glove that has a small pillow that protects your nails while you garden.  Claudia was on Dragon’s Den and she got Kevin O’Leary to invest in her invention. Claudia was also in Kevin’s book as the … Read More

Two Blind Sisters

Vera Cotturo

Hi everyone, just wanted to share something which I found really interesting and very touching. It’s a factual story Sonia and Anita, two blind sisters living in India that have been so since birth, but a simple eye operation makes it possible for them to see their mom for the first time. The nonprofit organization 20/20/20 provides free operations to these sisters–as well as thousands of other people in developing countries. these procedures help blind people in developing countries who can not afford … Read More