The Blindsquare App

Rhys Binnie

One of our partners, the CNIB, is helping to develope and produce an app for the blind called Blindsquare. It can be used by the blind and/or visually impaired to know what’s around them by using their GPS location and telling them when to turn, stop, and go while walking. ‘Waypoints’ can also be placed to verbally tell the user where to find them, and the app can also find buildings and businesses in the users vicinity.

The Newest (Haptic) Innovation in Shoes: Lechal

Sebastian Villate

Lechal are insoles that work with almost any shoe and are a great demonstration of the capabilities of haptic technology. These insoles use vibrations to guide visually impaired pedestrians without the use of a cane or guide dog. To use them, the user puts on their shoes and gives the shoes a command. For example, “take me home” is two taps on the top of the shoes. Once the user starts walking, small vibrations in the shoe will indicate for … Read More

CNIB Researches Affects of Vision Loss in Seniors

Sammy Emamian

One of the many research project that the CNIB conducts, also the one that we will be focusing on is named “The Intersection of Culture and Disability in Accessing Community Support Service to Seniors with Vision Loss in Canada”. The target of this project is to gain knowledge on the intersection of culture and disability and aging  with vision loss. I personally think that this is a good subject to be researching on, seeing how aging is already bad as … Read More