Our interview with CTV

Disha Prashar

Disha Prashar

In the beginning of April, our team was interviewed by the CTV Television Network about our product. They were also curious on about how we were preparing for our competition in St. Louis, Missouri that we were going to later on in the month.

At the same time of our interview, we had a Skype call set up with Professor Ayanna Howard, a former NASA Scientist and a professor at Georgia Tech. When I was younger, the only thought that I had was “I wish that one day I will appear on television for everyone to see!” And back then, I refered to me probably jumping up in between a shooting for a news channel or give an interview about a topic that they were discussing.

But when I had found out that CTV wanted to talk to us and was asking us to appear one night on their broadcast was crazy! My mind was racing with so many thoughts: “Oh my god! I’m going to be on television! We’re gonna be famous! ┬áPeople want to know about us!” I was bouncing off the walls and it was TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!

When the day finally came for the interview, our entire library was closed off for two hours and no one was allowed to enter. When the people from CTV arrived, we started our Skype call with Professor Howard. We were updating her about our product and what we had done so far from when we had last spoken to her. She was amazed as well as the CTV interviewers.

After we had ended our Skype call with the Professor, Mr. Akman wanted to interview some of us individually. He first of all started off by interviewing our coach, Lisa Andrade for about ten minutes. After that he said that he wanted to interview a few of us individually as well! Then he said that he would like to interview me first. I was shocked, nervous and excited all at the same time. After my interview, he had interviewed Sebastian and Jenna.

Overall, during the interview, it was so overwhelming!

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