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Hello every one whom has browsed the internet and has ended up on this web page! Due to the fact of the numerous complements and comments on our presentation skills this blog post has been dedicated to this subject. If you have ever seen one of our presentations, thanks for watching. If not these points will apply and help in your everyday presentations.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone (especially VentureLAB) who has commented or provided feedback to our presentation. These reactions have helped shape and grow our presentation from our first presentation at our FLL tournament to our latest presentation at the Barrie Library.

Now for some of our strategies to a good presentation. There are two main components, substance and conviction.

Substancea good presentation only has relevant information in it. It’s no good if you have a scientifique presentation on GMOs and you talk about the income of farmers. (Unless there is a connection between the two). Try to keep only the essential information (Make a synopsis). If you just ramble on for a hour about your topic you will lose the interest of your audience. (Which is another point). I recommend that you include a visuel aid if possible (eg: power point, tri-fold). This helps you remember what you are going to say and provides visuels to help the audience. If you do include a visuel aid only put points and pictures on the visuel aid. Do not put what you are going to read on the power point. That will cause you to turn your head away from your audience.

Now for the second main component: conviction. Maintaining the interest of your audience is a key point. If your audience is not interested then you have a problem. Try not to slur your words, fidget and remember stand straight. This demonstrates confidence. Even if you are actually very scared, nervous and anxious portraying confidence will greatly improuve your presentation. Finally, know your topic. It is better to know what you are talking about then to have a script because you can forget certain parts of a script.

The Classy Cyborgs Present in St. Louis

The Classy Cyborgs Present in St. Louis


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