Our supporter, Mr.Otis

Rhys Binnie

Rhys Binnie

As we journeyed through our first year of the Classy Cyborgs, we had a big supporter. When we made the team we were all students at Lester B. Pearson Public School in Aurora, so naturally we had a principal. In our┬ácase, our principal, Mr. Otis supported us and dind’t just tell us to keep studying and miss out on the opportunity we have today. We would like to thank him. But I asked myself, “Why did he support us so much?”. So I went ahead and emailed him some questions.

The first thing I asked him was just a general question on why he decided to help and support us through that year. He stated that he believed in what we were doing, and how we strived to develop our app in the first place. The Classy Cyborgs travelled to St.Louis in a painful 14 hour car ride. But Mr. Otis still came! He spent the time and money to come to St.Louis with us! Or at least that’s what we thought. It was actually a double-whammy for him, because not only does he love to see the Classy Cyborgs and the team develop with our product, but he as well loves hockey! So he came by plane as he was later that day, but had to come see what the other teams did.

Another question I asked was, are there any quotes that you can remember that you said to us, or would’ve fit in with a certain time? And, of course he did. There was always the basic “Do your best” that just lingered around, but being the sports fan he is, he had to use one from the books. He said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, and we took a couple shots of our own, but they worked out without much backfire. The last quote he told me was, “LBP kids rock”. He was right, look at where 10 LBP kids are now! And even if he’s gone to another school, I’m sure he’s thinking of how much he misses his students from Lester B. Pearson PS.

We would all once again like to thank Mr. Otis for the support and appreciation he has given us through the first year of challenges and development to our product. Thanks!

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