CNIB Braille Conference

Disha Prashar

Last year, we attended the CNIB Braille Conference on October 30th. We were the keynote speakers there and a few of the youngest ones as well. We shared our innovation with everyone and we all thought that we knew how the entire presentation would roll out, although there were a lot of surprises for us! Our coach, Lisa Andrade planned a lot of surprises for us that we did not expect at all! First of all, the current principal at … Read More

Dragon Lady Claudia Harvey

James Andrade

Not long ago our team met with Ms. Claudia Harvey.  Claudia is an amazing woman who made an awesome product called Dig It.  This innovative product protects your nails when you garden.  Her patented technology is mainly used by women.  Her product is a glove that has a small pillow that protects your nails while you garden.  Claudia was on Dragon’s Den and she got Kevin O’Leary to invest in her invention. Claudia was also in Kevin’s book as the … Read More

Startup York

Isabel Neufeld

We recently had the pleasure of attending Startup York, held at the Markham Public Library, not only as listeners, but as speakers. Startup York is a gathering place for all budding entrepreneurs, those who just need to learn from the experiences of others before they can go into greatness, and those who are just interested in the whole ordeal. Sharing our story with them was the most fun endeavor we’ve had since school started, certainly. We spoke of less the … Read More

Our supporter, Mr.Otis

Rhys Binnie

As we journeyed through our first year of the Classy Cyborgs, we had a big supporter. When we made the team we were all students at Lester B. Pearson Public School in Aurora, so naturally we had a principal. In our case, our principal, Mr. Otis supported us and dind’t just tell us to keep studying and miss out on the opportunity we have today. We would like to thank him. But I asked myself, “Why did he support us so … Read More

Our interview with CTV

Disha Prashar

In the beginning of April, our team was interviewed by the CTV Television Network about our product. They were also curious on about how we were preparing for our competition in St. Louis, Missouri that we were going to later on in the month. At the same time of our interview, we had a Skype call set up with Professor Ayanna Howard, a former NASA Scientist and a professor at Georgia Tech. When I was younger, the only thought that … Read More

The Blindsquare App

Rhys Binnie

One of our partners, the CNIB, is helping to develope and produce an app for the blind called Blindsquare. It can be used by the blind and/or visually impaired to know what’s around them by using their GPS location and telling them when to turn, stop, and go while walking. ‘Waypoints’ can also be placed to verbally tell the user where to find them, and the app can also find buildings and businesses in the users vicinity.

Software Meeting at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University


On July 7th, 2015, five members of the Classy Cyborgs had the wonderful experience of going to York University to discuss with our software engineering mentors about our innovation and the next steps that we have to take regarding the software for our braille device. Disha, Rhys, Sammy, James, and I (Logan) attended this meeting with our coaches because of our interest in the programming aspect of our product, Treasure Box Braille. On our way into the university campus, it … Read More

Trip to St. Louis, Missouri

Isabel Neufeld

Fourteen grueling but fun hours in three separate cars did it take us to reach our destination, St. Louis, Missouri. We were making this trip so we could take part in the FIRST Lego League‘s Global Innovation Award competition within the general international competition. Rising a few hours before the crack of dawn and being out of Canada by the time our regular classes would have begun wasn’t necessarily the fun part, but seeing as we only made it there … Read More

Tablets and bridging with third party machines

Disha Prashar

In our product, one of the main components to drive everything together is obviously a tablet! But we haven’t gotten to the point of testing every single type of tablet out there, we have so far only tested Android-based tablets. The tablet that we mostly have tested with is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although we had realized that over time that the tablet wasn’t strong enough to drive actions for an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, we upgraded to … Read More

CNIB Researches Affects of Vision Loss in Seniors

Sammy Emamian

One of the many research project that the CNIB conducts, also the one that we will be focusing on is named “The Intersection of Culture and Disability in Accessing Community Support Service to Seniors with Vision Loss in Canada”. The target of this project is to gain knowledge on the intersection of culture and disability and aging  with vision loss. I personally think that this is a good subject to be researching on, seeing how aging is already bad as … Read More