Meeting Challenges

Disha Prashar

Since the new school year has started in our area, five people on our team have moved on to different schools. Four of them went to one high school. But, I went to a different school far from home, and the five younger ones are still in the same public school as we all wee last year. As you can probably imagine, it has been harder for us to meet up with each other on a weekly basis as everyone’s schedules … Read More

The Classy Cyborgs – A Coach’s Journey

Lisa Andrade

My name is Lisa Andrade. I’m a coach of the Classy Cyborgs – a young team of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference within the blind community.  I am also a parent – my son is a Classy Cyborg.  It has been one year since the team first met in September 2014 to begin their FIRST LEGO League (FLL) “World Class Challenge”.  What a year it has been!  This is a story of the Classy Cyborgs’ incredible journey from … Read More

Software Meeting at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University


On July 7th, 2015, five members of the Classy Cyborgs had the wonderful experience of going to York University to discuss with our software engineering mentors about our innovation and the next steps that we have to take regarding the software for our braille device. Disha, Rhys, Sammy, James, and I (Logan) attended this meeting with our coaches because of our interest in the programming aspect of our product, Treasure Box Braille. On our way into the university campus, it … Read More

Tablets and bridging with third party machines

Disha Prashar

In our product, one of the main components to drive everything together is obviously a tablet! But we haven’t gotten to the point of testing every single type of tablet out there, we have so far only tested Android-based tablets. The tablet that we mostly have tested with is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Although we had realized that over time that the tablet wasn’t strong enough to drive actions for an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, we upgraded to … Read More