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Isabel Neufeld

Isabel Neufeld We recently had the pleasure of attending Startup York, held at the Markham Public Library, not only as listeners, but as speakers.

Start Up York RegionStartup York is a gathering place for all budding entrepreneurs, those who just need to learn from the experiences of others before they can go into greatness, and those who are just interested in the whole ordeal. Sharing our story with them was the most fun endeavor we’ve had since school started, certainly. We spoke of less the project and more of us as a team, which was a welcome change from the typical. However, it proved to be maybe even a little more challenging. I mean, when asked “If you could go back in time to one year ago and tell your past self something that you know now, what would it be?” how quickly would you be able to reply with a coherent answer?

Of course, there were questions about the product itself, but what left a mark were the inquiries like “What would you consider the most difficult of your challenges?” and “How did you manage to make a project like this work, what with your large team?” not only because they made us evaluate ourselves in manners that we had yet to attempt at that point, but because of the varying replies from the team. While the crowd was learning about us, we were learning about each other.

We’d like to give many thanks to Startup York for this wonderful experience! It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Here, check them out on Twitter:^tfw or on their website:

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