OWL Magazine

James Andrade

We recently discovered that we were in a page of OWL magazine in the November issue.  Our team is really excited about it.  The paragraph in the magazine talks about the Classy Cyborgs and what we have accomplished to date.  There is a picture of our team and two pictures of our app.  I was really happy because I read OWL magazine and my older brother read it when he was younger. Samson Rybakov, a grade 5 students at our … Read More

Why 90% of the Blind Can’t Read

Vera Cotturo

I did some research on the internet, and this is part of what I found. A generation ago 50 percent of blind schoolchildren used Braille, according to William M. Raeder, president of the National Braille Press in Boston. Now, he said, it’s less than 12 percent. Young blind students today are still instructed in Braille, but in the past few decades more students have been mainstreamed and no longer receive daily instruction. That is significant, because reading and writing Braille … Read More