Ontario Innovation Celebration: Volunteering

Isabel Neufeld

Our end goal is to help an entire populace towards literacy. At the moment, however, we’re volunteering to help teams towards their judging rooms. Start small. The team was at the Ontario Innovation Celebration (check out more over here: http://www.firstroboticscanada.org/main/ontario-innovation-celebration/) on February the twenty-seventh. Our official position was that of Innovation Ambassadors, but even I don’t know exactly what that implies—all I know is that we gave a workshop, four times, then had the privilege of participating in the customary … Read More

Startup York

Isabel Neufeld

We recently had the pleasure of attending Startup York, held at the Markham Public Library, not only as listeners, but as speakers. Startup York is a gathering place for all budding entrepreneurs, those who just need to learn from the experiences of others before they can go into greatness, and those who are just interested in the whole ordeal. Sharing our story with them was the most fun endeavor we’ve had since school started, certainly. We spoke of less the … Read More

The Classy Cyborgs – A Coach’s Journey

Lisa Andrade

My name is Lisa Andrade. I’m a coach of the Classy Cyborgs – a young team of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference within the blind community.  I am also a parent – my son is a Classy Cyborg.  It has been one year since the team first met in September 2014 to begin their FIRST LEGO League (FLL) “World Class Challenge”.  What a year it has been!  This is a story of the Classy Cyborgs’ incredible journey from … Read More