Meeting with Jeff Preston

Disha Prashar

Recently we had a meeting with Jeff Preston, a programmer who has developed many well-known applications in our world today. He programmed the Shazam application for Microsoft/Windows, and has programmed a number of games that are available in the App Store. Jeff Preston was so kind as to lend his time to us and come and visit us at our school. He gave us a presentation where he spoke about a bunch of different topics to help us build our company. He … Read More

CNIB Braille Conference

Disha Prashar

Last year, we attended the CNIB Braille Conference on October 30th. We were the keynote speakers there and a few of the youngest ones as well. We shared our innovation with everyone and we all thought that we knew how the entire presentation would roll out, although there were a lot of surprises for us! Our coach, Lisa Andrade planned a lot of surprises for us that we did not expect at all! First of all, the current principal at … Read More

Wireframes and Wireframing

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Hello everyone, today’s topic is on wireframes and wireframing. Wireframing is a process where you(or someone else) design the UX (User-Experience) and the UI (User-Interface). The User-Interface is the part that you see when you open an app. It is the actual graphics and the buttons that are on the screen. On the other hand the User-Experience is a bit more in depth. The User- Experience is all the interactions and the feelings of the user when they use the app. … Read More

Ontario Innovation Celebration: Volunteering

Isabel Neufeld

Our end goal is to help an entire populace towards literacy. At the moment, however, we’re volunteering to help teams towards their judging rooms. Start small. The team was at the Ontario Innovation Celebration (check out more over here: on February the twenty-seventh. Our official position was that of Innovation Ambassadors, but even I don’t know exactly what that implies—all I know is that we gave a workshop, four times, then had the privilege of participating in the customary … Read More

Dragon Lady Claudia Harvey

James Andrade

Not long ago our team met with Ms. Claudia Harvey.  Claudia is an amazing woman who made an awesome product called Dig It.  This innovative product protects your nails when you garden.  Her patented technology is mainly used by women.  Her product is a glove that has a small pillow that protects your nails while you garden.  Claudia was on Dragon’s Den and she got Kevin O’Leary to invest in her invention. Claudia was also in Kevin’s book as the … Read More

CST Cheque Presentation

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At the 2015 CNIB conference we were presented a $10 000.00 cheque from the Canadian Scholarship Trust. We were quite surprised when the CST  told us that they were going to come to our presentation at the CNIB and present us with the giant cheque. Although we already received the money on a previous date, it was very nice of the them to take their time to come and see us at the CNIB conference and present it to us. We will … Read More

Two Blind Sisters

Vera Cotturo

Hi everyone, just wanted to share something which I found really interesting and very touching. It’s a factual story Sonia and Anita, two blind sisters living in India that have been so since birth, but a simple eye operation makes it possible for them to see their mom for the first time. The nonprofit organization 20/20/20 provides free operations to these sisters–as well as thousands of other people in developing countries. these procedures help blind people in developing countries who can not afford … Read More

Our Presentations.

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Hello every one whom has browsed the internet and has ended up on this web page! Due to the fact of the numerous complements and comments on our presentation skills this blog post has been dedicated to this subject. If you have ever seen one of our presentations, thanks for watching. If not these points will apply and help in your everyday presentations. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone (especially VentureLAB) who has commented or provided feedback to our … Read More

Braille Literacy Statistics in India

Vera Cotturo

Braille literacy statistics in India show that there are 15 million blind people in India, two million of whom are children. In fact, one out of every three blind people in the world lives in India. But the silver lining behind this tragic situation is that up to 80 percent of blindness is curable or preventable. One out of every three blind people in the world lives in India – an estimated 15 million blind people live in India. Every … Read More