Two Blind Sisters

Vera Cotturo

Vera Cotturo

Hi everyone, just wanted to share something which I found really interesting and very touching. It’s a factual story Sonia and Anita, two blind sisters living in India that have been so since birth, but a simple eye operation makes it possible for them to see their mom for the first time.

The nonprofit organization 20/20/20 provides free operations to these sisters–as well as thousands of other people in developing countries. these procedures help blind people in developing countries who can not afford to pay for the surgery, so they give it to them for free. So you see, it is not only the Classy Cyborgs that want to help give a little light to blind children but so many other caring people in the world.

I was very impressed with them. I know this isn’t really classified as research, but I just had to share it. If you want to see more about the sisters go to:

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