Wireframes and Wireframing

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Hello everyone, today’s topic is on wireframes and wireframing. Wireframing is a process where you(or someone else) design the UX (User-Experience) and the UI (User-Interface). The User-Interface is the part that you see when you open an app. It is the actual graphics and the buttons that are on the screen. On the other hand the User-Experience is a bit more in depth.

The User- Experience is all the interactions and the feelings of the user when they use the app. Wireframing enables you to design both the UX and the UI for an app. You do this by creating a flow chart for your app (a chart starting with the loading screen of the app showing all the paths that the user can take when operating the app.) Then you design each screen more in depth. (You draw out each screen and specify every individual function that the screen is able to perform. e.x. When screen X loads play music track 1.)

We are currently using this technique to design our app. One reason why this is important is because if you just start programming an app you may not completely know each screen that you want to be included. Then when you finish programming the app, you will need to change it. This is a pointless waste of time and resources. If you want more information on this subject or if you want to start click here.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more blogs.

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